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My new lifestyle journey began July 2014. I have always carried a little extra weight, but throughout college, I packed an embarrassing 65 pounds. I weighed in at a plump 225 pounds and wore a 14 pants size. It finally took 2 blood clots for me to realize that I not only needed to lose weight, but I needed to change my lifestyle without any excuses. I’ve known Dr. EJ for some years now and know how knowledgeable she is in the health and fitness category.  I without hesitation contacted Dr. EJ to come up with a fitness plan that would work with my busy schedule, and she went a step further and supplied me with a grocery list, meal equations, and also recommended helpful supplements. Dr. EJ informed me that I would receive daily reminders to tell me when to eat, and new workout regimens four times a week. The meal reminders are very beneficial for me because I would sometimes forget to eat when busy, and wouldn’t make the best food choices when I finally had the chance to eat. Dr. EJ’s Bootcamp worked very well with my crazy schedule, and I never became bored with the new exercises.  During the first three months, I worked out at home and lost about 15-20 lbs. I became more motivated than ever, and simply needed to be around individuals to help encourage and inspire me so I decided to join a gym. My workouts were still easy as ever to follow at the gym like they were at home, and my body never experienced a plateau; which was great! I continued to follow Dr. EJ’s program and lost a total of 65lbs within a year! My journey is not over, and will never be. I still follow my workout regimens and enjoy my daily meal reminders because it is now a part of my lifestyle, and I would not change it! Without Dr. EJ’s Bootcamp, I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far!



I started this Dr. EJ's bootcamp because of my son's
concerns about my health. I retired and became less active I actually
gained about 15 pounds. He purchased this program for me and as a
result I've been motivated to not only do the exercise and follow the
meal plan, but now I walk at least two miles four days a week. I feel
so much better! I gave up soda and caffeine. My energy level has
elevated. I look forward to beginning my day with a work out.  Thank
you Dr. EJ for your dedication to health and fitness.