About me

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Hi I’m Doctor EJ! Welcome to Doctor EJ’s Fitness B​ootcamp.

​I’m currently an Obstetrician/Gynecologist in the St. Louis, Missouri area. ​

I was motivated by my patients and colleagues to develop this ​program​.  I realized how weight affected my practice and limited the things that I could do for my patients.  So I started giving my patients and others ​tips and suggestions on eating right.  They loved it!  The problem however was follow up!  I knew that I couldn’t be with my patients ​and friends ​100% of the time. So I ​thought about how ​I could help patients become healthier, stay on top of them, all while being a busy physician.  I realized that the best way to coach them through this process in this world of technology and cellphones was through text! With my program I literally text you when and what to eat SEVERAL times per day….along with specific workouts!   I call it “text coaching”!